Financial Investment
“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!” – This is the golden rule in all financial investment activities of Madam Đỗ Liên.

M&A services
With a vibrant market having many potentials and opportunities like Vietnam, AAA Plus accepts M&A services with the following criteria:

  • Contributing capital directly to businesses.
  • Buying equity capital or shares.
  • Merging businesses.
  • Consolidating businesses and share.
  • Separating businesses.



  • AAA Plus is a bridge between domestic and foreign businesses in trade promotion; investment cooperation and brand, product development that has international stature.
  • AAA Plus has experience in analyzing and assisting customers in developing a comprehensive information memorandum about businesses/brands/products which are appraised on the market.
  • AAA Plus has experience in seeking potential investors. These investores are suitable for businesses / brands / products that have been shaped in the market, but has not had a strong development opportunity.
  • AAA Plus is committed to ensuring businesses security during the transaction process.